Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password?
To reset your password, Click Login link and click the "Forgot your password" OR please call 1-877-560-PETS (7387). Be sure to have your PIN handy before calling.

How do I edit an existing reservation?
To edit your existing reservations, log into your account, click on View Current Reservations, and click Details beside the reservation you wish to edit. At the bottom of the details box, you will see a link that says Edit Reservation. Click this link.

How do I cancel a reservation or move it to another trip?
You cannot do this online. Please send an email to

How can I let someone else pay for my reservation online?
Give the code for the reservation to the individual who will be making the payment. Then instruct them to visit, click on 'Pay For a Reservation' at the top, and enter the code along with his/her email address or your email address.

How is my information stored/protected?
This site uses Secure Socket Layers to encrypt all information sent over the site. Your information is stored on a database server behind a firewall, and any sensitive information (password, PIN, etc) is encrypted before being stored in the database. We will never disclose your information to any third parties. More details can be found in the link Privacy Policy.

Where do I find what is required before sending my dog on Transport? 
Under the Information Tab, Click "Requirements."