P.E.T.S. Team

KyleKyle - Owner
Kyle and wife Pam started P.E.T.S. LLC with a goal to provide a low cost transport option for animal rescue groups to get their animals to new homes. As one of the founders, Kyle began doing everything involved with the operations side of transporting the animals; answering the phone, pick-ups, cleaning crates and trailers, maintenance of the trucks, walking dogs, and delivering the animals to New England. Kyle and Pam have two wonderful children, Savannah and Sydney and is the pack leaders for 12-15 recue cats and dogs at his home. In Kyle’s “spare time,” he is an avid reader, loves to fish, has a fine taste for cooking, and enjoys spending time with his family. As P.E.T.S. LLC enters its 10th year, Kyle continues work with answering phone calls, driving the transport to the Northeast, and manages an outstanding crew of men and women who have helped with the over 50,000 animals transported since P.E.T.S. began in 2004!

Terry - Logistics Manager

"Family has always been a part of P.E.T.S. LLC...""Family has always been a part of P.E.T.S. LLC..."
-Pam's dad, Carl, was a driver for the transport back when P.E.T.S. first started in early 2004. Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly in June 2004.
-Kyle's brothers, Jon and Brian, have both been on numerous transports in the early years of the business. Jon’s wife, Stacy, drove our FL route as well.
-Kyle's sisters Laura; whom designed the P.E.T.S. logo and Lisa assisted with our Friday night phone calls.
-Pam’s Uncle Dennis has assisted on a few trips, and her Uncle Marty is our go to pilot when we have needed to fly.
-Pam's Sister Karen worked as the General Manager for several years helping to transform the company into what you see today. She said her goodbyes to the team in May of 2014.

JeanneJeanne - Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Jeanne is Pam's mom. In 2011, Jeanne had taken early retirement from the accounting and customer service department for Ford Motor Company... or so she thought! Being the wonderful mom of four children, grandmother of eight, and the proud owner of a rescued pup, Buddy, Pam and Kyle knew she was the perfect person to manage the accounts receivables for P.E.T.S. LLC!

ChrisChris - Driver / Professional Dog Handler
Chris joined the team in 2013. He's a happily married man with a daughter and a newly arrived son. Chris loves the reaction adopters have when they receive their pets... his favorite part of his job! His pets at home include a dog, cat, and a rat! Yikes! Let's hope they are all friends!!

James James - Road Manager /Driver / Professional Dog Handler
James, P.E.T.S. longest working driver, has been with us from almost the beginning! With an obsession with Batman, James loves getting to work as his own superhero; transporting the animals to their new furever homes, multiple pets at a time! James and his wife treat their two dogs and four cats as children, spoiling them rotten!

RickRick - The "Dog Whisperer"
Rick has been a gift since the day he entered P.E.T.S. LLC. In March, 2013, Rick began as a dog walker for P.E.T.S, but has been a long time friend in the rescue world as him and wife, Donna ran the local Animal Shelter in Cookeville TN for several years. Rick has this amazing ability to transform the most timid transport dogs into more relaxed animals when they arrive in Cookeville for a wellness stop. Aside from being a dog whisperer, Rick also rescues on average, 100 snakes and turtles a year.

RickRick - Professional Dog Handler/Driver

SawyerSawyer - TN dog walker

DonnaDonna - Helpful hands

Kayla - VA Fri night dog walker

Fred & Cindy Frenzel - VA Fri night dog walkers